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Tenants Having a Party!

Parties Do Happen. Sometimes landlords like to think of a tenant as in a parent-child relationship; they are always limited in what they can and should do at all times. While there is some truth to this attitude, there are natural human tendencies, on the tenant’s part, to do normal human things, like have friends visit, to socialize, and have fun.

One of our basic rights in this land is the right to freely associate with people of our choice, and to have them come to our homes and visit. In this case, I’m not considering “overnight guests”, but people who come, visit and leave. When we have a number of folks like this at one time, we sometimes call it a party.

Party Etiquette in regards to “the landlord”. Parties are meant to be relaxed and fun, welcoming people into your home, having some good laughs, good food, some great people experiences. Tenants, however, need to be aware of two potential problems: the landlord, and the neighbors.

Besides the rent, the landlord is concerned with keeping the property in good condition and keeping the peace with the neighbors. The neighbors, whether the house next door or the apartment next door, are concerned with their right to “quiet enjoyment”. To avoid problems, it is important that the tenant address these factors straight-on; it will make for better party and happy neighbors.

Tips to Avoid Problems. A lot of what you do with your party is common sense. Keep it under control, be ready to have guidelines should anything or anybody get out of control. Control any possible unruly guest, noise or visual factors so neighbors’ eyebrows stay unraised. The best parties are the ones that are a little on the edge, but not crossing over.

Protect the premises and the property as if it were your own, and speak up to your guests if somebody gets out of line. If the party is has a lot of guests, be sure to inform your immediate neighbors of what is going to happen, in advance, and the hours. If you are friendly with your neighbors, you might even want to invite them!

If the party is exceptionally large, there may be a need sometimes to inform your landlord as well, to let him/her know that you are simply enjoying their place, your wonderful home, and that out of respect you’re letting them know what’s up.

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