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The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Tenants

Being a residential landlord can be an honest, rewarding profession, whereby housing is provided and rent is received. Communications are cordial, rent is paid on time, and routine maintenance requests are received with solutions provided.

With certain tenants, Landlording can be a hellish, torturous experience. Collecting rent becomes a chore, lease compliance is a joke. You, as landlord, are framed as a greedy parasite power-monger. Requests for repairs are delivered with a theme that your property is faulty and you are a neglectful and uncaring landlord with a shoddy property, even if it is in top condition.

The “people element” is the most important aspect of the three elements of property management: people, property, and money, and certain tenants can cause grief and your undoing.

Good and Bad Tenants Defined.

A great tenant is such a gift. Your life, as landlord, will be so much easier, and you can feel good about what you do, with a good tenant. What makes a great tenant? In the perfect world such a tenant can be described as considerate and respectful, pays the rent on time and in full, compliant with the rules of the lease, and is a good human being.

When something goes wrong, they bring it to your attention without drama, in a helpful manner.

A more negative perception of a tenant is one who is unfriendly, disruptive to the premises,

GETTING GOOD TENANT “GOING IN”; be careful in your screening

QUALIFIED is the key word


Sufficient income
Good credit
Landlord reference (earlier, not current)
Not a chronic complainer

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