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Tenants and Landlords from Hell

In these days of being politically correct, one might say it is inappropriate to talk trash about tenants or landlords. They are all good people just trying to get along in this world, right? Um….well, in my many years of experience in property management, I’d say the word “all” in that sentence should be replaced.

Most landlords and tenants are fine. It is a good, honest business transaction that they have. One gives a product, housing, with all the included features. The other pays money, and agrees to abide by certain rules. In most cases it works out just fine. But enter the landlords and tenants from hell.

The exalted landlord starts from a logic that says “I will provide housing that I would be proud to live in. A basic premise of a LFH is the person renting from them is “just a tenant”, so the property doesn’t need to be anything special. The tenant is a troublesome creature who must be kept in line, antagonistically.

Looks at a landlord as wealthy and manipulative, and is always trying to do the minimum to get the maximum.
Has an entitlement attitude, any little thing must be fixed.
Feels that every problem should be fixed by landlord.
Feels that all disputes must involve a lawyer
Tenant speak: mildew is toxic mold, a puddle is a flood, a spark is a flame


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