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Tenant Noise Complaint Letter

Everybody makes noise, but occasionally some noise crosses the line. If a tenant has a habit of making excessive noise, that is a breach of one of the main principles of habitabiliity: “the covenant of quiet enjoyment” of one’s premises. The laws of the land protect such quiet enjoyment.

An initial reaction to a excessive noise complaint, when practical, would be to communicate verbally to the offender what the problem is. Something severely excessive or after hours miight entail a call to local law enforcement. However, a carefully worded letter to the offending tenant is an effective yet inexpensive way of ensuring compliance and cooperation. Here is a sample letter, that you are free to adapt to your needs, editing as needed.

Date June 6, 2012

From: Justin DaHood
Property Manager for 1234 Elm Street
9876 Main Street
Anytown USA

To: Johnny and Mary Noisemaster
1234 Elm Street, Unit 52
Anytown, USA

Re: Excessive Noise

Dear Johnny and Mary,

It has been reported, and documented, that excessive noise and disturbance has been coming from your rented premises at 1234 Elm, Unit 52, (describe, giving times/details). It is absolutely essential that all residents respect the right to quiet enjoyment of their neighbors, a right that is protected by law and by the covenants of your lease.

I ask that you respect the concerns of your neighbors and control the noise levels generated within your rented premises. If you do not do so, you will be in violation of your lease, and with local law, but more importantly, you will be disrupting the quiet enjoyment of your neighbors.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Justin DaHood

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