Renters Want To Buy

The first thing anyone wants to know when renting or selling their property is to know what the price tag should be. As Joann from the sales department points out, The Rental Source provides its clients with “a free market analysis.”

It is no secret that apartments for rent in San Francisco and the surroundings are going up. Some people find the investment in buying a home, rather than renting one, a worthy one. The great tenants at The Rental Source may at one point decide to buy. Joann believes there’s an advantage in having access to a community of landlords and tenants, as The Rental Source clearly does:

“There’s an advantage: that we have our own clientele.”

She mentions that the opportunity exists for an owner to be ready to sell and a tenant to be ready to buy. A win-win situation! This opens up a question: if a tenant decides to buy, an owner may be losing out on monthly income, right? Not quite. The Rental Source will make sure to fill the gap with another qualified tenant.

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