Property Management for Small Property Owners

The small property owner can find it difficult to find an affordable and reliable property manager in the Bay Area. This sometimes forces the small property owner to become a property manager. The horror stories are everywhere. Landlords can suffer from bad communication with tenants which creates disagreements. In addition, landlords may not have the time or resources to run proper credit and background reports on their tenants.

The Rental Source makes it a point to ensure proper relationships between tenants and landlords. As Damon, General Manager, puts it, “tenant/landlord relationship should be a good one.” He goes on to say that when tenants and landlords are happy, their relationship “shouldn’t be a contentious one.” With 17 years of experience, Damon and the Rental Source know a thing or two about property management for the small property owner and proper communication with tenants.

Throughout the years, The Rental Source has realized that landlords sometimes want more than just property management; sometimes they want to sell their property or talk about special issues with their property. Damon reminds us that The Rental Source is somewhat of a one-stop-shop:

“Sometimes they might need a special consultation, sometimes they might want to buy another income property or to sell the income property they have. Either way, we have expert people who are involved that can help with that.”

Rents in the Bay Area are of course, skyrocketing. Some landlords are thinking about buying a new property. The Rental Source can connect those landlords with their own clients who wish to sell. Higher rents means renters may find it beneficial to buy. This is one reason why The Rental Source opened up its Sales department. To learn more about how The Rental Source is utilizing its experience in property management with sales, click here.

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